Prepare a statement that presents your professional opinion on what America got right and wrong in the Middle East following 9/11.

The Scenario:In response to an article published in the Winter 2022 edition of the Hoover Digest (Jihadi vs. Jihadi), several democrats co-sponsored a bill. This bill has been read on the floor of the House of Representatives and sent to the Foreign Affairs Committee to initiate a fact-finding investigation into the past 20 years of military involvement in the Middle East. The timeline will consist of the 9/11 attack as the beginning, and the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan as the end. Chairman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) has decided to send this to the Subcommittee on the Middle East, North Africa, and Global Counterterrorism. Chairman Ted Deutch (D-FL) has placed a hearing on the calendar where expert testimony will be solicited and heard, rather than a public forum. It just so happens that you have been invited to testify at this hearing. As a 20-year veteran of the CIA, your service has been primarily within the Directorate of Intelligence, specifically an analyst in the departments of Terrorism Analysis, Iraq Analysis, and Counterterrorism Analysis. The past five years you have served in a managerial role of Counterterrorism Analysis within the Directorate of National Clandestine Services. Due to the abrupt nature of the Afghanistan withdrawal and President Biden’s predilection towards fact-finding, the interest in this bill has caused it to be fast-tracked through committee. You receive a call that you will testify in just five days. You must prepare a statement and be ready for questions from committee members.Your Task:Prepare a statement that presents your professional opinion on what America got right and wrong in the Middle East following 9/11.
At least 1 page (should really be about 2 pages)Single spaced (not 1.15 or any of that nonsense…Mr. Hampton knows!)12 pt fontTimes New Roman fontYour Requirements:Discuss how terrorism redefined US foreign policy
Describe the following OperationsOperation Enduring FreedomAt least one battleThe SurgeNation-buildingOperation Iraqi FreedomAt least one battleInsurgencyThe SurgeNation-buildingOperation New DawnOperation Red DawnOperation Neptune Spear
Discuss the approaches of the following administrations toward Middle Eastern conflicts and foreign policy:President George W. BushBush DoctrinePresident Barack ObamaObama DoctrinePresident TrumpTrump Doctrine
Discuss the contributions of the following:General Tommy FranksGeneral David Petraeus
Discuss the state of US relations with Iran
Discuss US involvement in Syria
Discuss the obstacles presented by the following:Al-QaedaTalibanISISSectarian violence (Sunni vs. Shia)
Discuss the role played by both Drones and Special Forces
Discuss the toll IEDs played on the morale of American soldiersYour Mentionables:The following terms are important to know and understand to write an effective speech while meeting the requirements above. Use the list to help write it and try and work in as many as possible while still allowing the speech to flow:
CounterterrorismNeoconservativesDick CheneyDonald RumsfeldColin PowellPolitical RealismOsama bin LadenNon-state ActorsGlobal War on TerrorCENTCOMTomahawk MissilesBagram Air BaseNorthern AllianceFall of Mazar-i-SharifSiege of KunduzFirst Fall of KabulOperation RhinoCamp RhinoFall of KandaharEastern AllianceHamid KarzaiAfghan National ArmyBattle of Tora BoraOperation AnacondaBattle of Takur Ghar (Robert’s Ridge)Axis of EvilWeapons of Mass DestructionBay of GoatsSaddam HusseinSaddam’s UltimatumShock and Awe101st Airborne1st Marine DivisionGen. Jim MattisBattle of Saddam Intern’l AirportBattle of Baghdad“Mission Accomplished”Paul BremerBa’ath PartyIraqi ArmyJihadJihadistAbu Musab al-ZarqawiJama’atSunni TriangleFirst Battle of FallujahSecond Battle of FallujahAbu Ghraib ScandalCounterinsurgency Field ManualTask Force Conqueror (Ramadi)Robert GatesIraqizationMultilateralismUnilateralismHard PowerSmart PowerJSOCSOCOMArab SpringSocial MediaSyrian Civil WarBashar al-AssadFree Syrian ArmyChemical Weapons“Red Line”Abu Bakr al-BaghdadiIran Nuclear DealTravel BanSyrian AirstrikesQatar CrisisTaliban AgreementWithdrawal from SyriaSaudi SupportQasem Soleimani“Dawn of a New Middle East”