Principles of Advertising – Oral presentation 3 Min Powerpoint


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You are to select one of the scenarios outlined below and using the stages of the Consumer Purchase Decision Process investigate how advertising influences the final purchase decision. Define the consumer purchase decision process, outline the advertising objectives for each stage, and outline the types of advertising that would be most appropriate for each stage. Make sure you provide both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’, and that you are as specific as possible, particularly with the types of advertising. You’re thinking about taking a gap year next so you can volunteer in Vietnam helping to build a classroom. You’ve decided to upgrade your mobile phone and as you’re over eighteen, you can now enter into a contract, so can buy one on a plan. You’re organising a birthday celebration dinner for a friend, so need to decide on the venue. You’re moving into a share house with friends and have been nominated as the person to contribute a barbeque. You have decided to purchase a new one. Presentation form You need to prepare a 3-minute PowerPoint presentation with audio narration, speaking notes, and visually engaging slides. Please do not convert your PowerPoint file to video as this will remove your speaking notes. Correct spelling and grammar are paramount and marks will be deducted for any errors. Referencing is Harvard style.