Principles of Counseling (psychology)

Students will choose counseling situation/problem and describe how to treat it (in counseling). Pick a problem, pick a theory to guide how the problem is viewed (from our textbook), then describe the type of treatment (from research conducted) on various types of counseling therapies i.e. psychoanalytic, systemic, cognitive, etc. APA format is required. The paper should be 6 content pages (not including Title Page and Reference Pages or Abstract). Use a12 pt, Times New Roman font. Choose at least one reference, professional journal articles are preferred. The textbook is one acceptable reference; however, if the textbook is chosen, at least one other reference should be used, as well. The paper will be graded on content and whether the content is through, organization (introduction and conclusion), grammar, and the APA format. also, the paper will be graded on whether the student addressed the counseling situation and gave reasons for why the treatment was chosen. Honesty is expected, and any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism is likely to result in a zero on the assignment.