Process Essay

Requirements for the Process EssayFor this assignment, you will be dealing with a paper that explains a process. Your introduction should try and suggest why this process is important or relevant. Why should the reader be interested in it? This should not be a research paper: pick a topic that does not require research.There are two types of process writing. For this assignment, you may write either type of process paper.One type explains how to do something. The reader should be able to follow the directions in your essay and successfully do what you are explainingThe other type explains how something works. The purpose of this type of process essay is to inform the reader about a process such as an industrial or manufacturing process.This paper should have minimum of five paragraphs and five-hundred words.You should have a standard organization with an introduction, body and conclusion.All the steps of the process should be in the body paragraphs. You must still have an introduction and a conclusion in this paper.All paragraphs need to be at least five sentences in length.You will be required to turn one section of your rough draft. The first rough draft submission should include your introduction paragraph with the thesis statement and the first body paragraph. The paper should have a title, centered at the top of the first page of text.The paper should be double spaced and written in a 12pt. font.Your paper may be written in 2nd In fact, if you are writing a “how-to” type of process paper, you almost have to write it in 2nd person.