Professional Preference

An introductionA description of your career of choiceWhat needs to be done to establish a professional image in your careerWhat needs to be done to maintain a professional image in your careerWhat should be avoided to have a professional image in your careerThe potential consequences that can occur if one lacks professional image in your careerA conclusionYou should utilize two academic sources (minimum of two in-text citations, with sources listed on the reference page).Your writing should demonstrate consistency of your clearly established viewpoint throughout the paper and a clear logical flow as you apply reasoning.Paper must be a Word® document (.doc or .docx file) that is 2–3 pages in length, double-spaced, using Times New Roman or Arial font size 12.A minimum of two academic sources must be used, and appropriate academic documentation should be used to provide credit.Paper must include a title page and a reference page (not included in the 2–3 pages of content).Paper must adhere to Standard English with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling