Project Transition Plan & Lessons Learned Report

Specifically, for this M7D1 discussion, you are required to:Critically reflect on your successfully or unsuccessfully closed project to explore the lessons learned as well as opportunities for its expansion in the future.Introduce your term project to refresh the memory of the readers of this post.Explain with rationale the way by which the project has been brought to an end. You may refer to the four ways listed on page 336 of the textbook.Prepare and share the transition plan to handover your completed project. You may refer to Figure 9-4 Sample Transition Plan on page 340 of the textbook.Justify, in the context of your project, the need for a transition plan.Identify who your project needs to be transitioned to at closing.Describe the assumptions supporting the transition of your project.Define the work required to be performed after completion of your project.Critically consider the various challenges encountered during your project’s lifetime. Evaluate the causes behind what worked well and what did not to prepare the lessons-learned report for your completed project. You may refer to Figure 9-5 Project Lessons-Learned Report on pages 347 to 348 of the textbook.List in detail the main lessons learned from this project.Explore what may need to be executed differently in future projects that are like yours.Finally, in a reflection of at least 30 words, describe the most interesting and challenging parts of preparing for this discussion post, as well as any recommendations to your classmates for bringing projects to a successful closure.Responses: Read the initial posts from your classmates. From the perspective of a project sponsor, critically analyze the project details provided by your classmates and share your opinions. The feedback must detail, clearly and specifically, what has been presented well and what can be improved upon. Your review can cover topics ranging from the mechanics of writing to the rational strength of the content. Other examples of your critical responses may include:Exploration of the project transition methodology.Queries on the future work on the project.Examination of opportunity to apply lessons learned to other projects.Debate on alternative approaches to project execution.