psychology of gender topic

literature review requires a student:• to identify an issue related to clinical and community psychology;• to use appropriate sources (e.g. databases like PsycINFO) in order to locate and selectarticles on theory and research related to the specific topic of interest;• to evaluate the credibility and accuracy of information from various sources,• to analyze the sources for similarities, differences, and trends in regard to theoreticalconceptualization of the topic and/or the results of research on the topic; and• to use reasoning, skepticism and empirical evidence to synthesize the results of theanalysis into a cohesive whole.A well-written literature review will reveal the student’s particular perspective on andcomprehensive knowledge of the topic, along with a mastery of professional writing conventionsand APA style.In this class, each student will write a 10-12 page (including the title page and reference list)literature review. Please use this opportunity to learn about a contemporary issue in clinical andcommunity psychology regarding Gendar that is of interest to you