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Please watch the videos explaining Interprofessional Education: . The focus for this week’s discussion question is to understand interprofessional education (IPE) by answering the following questions:
For your first post please answer the following by Sunday at 11:59pm:
1. What is IPE?
2 When does IPE occur?
3. Why do we do IPE?
After class in your second post discuss how the use of IPE might have been helpful for hospitals treating Covid 19 patients and following up with them after release. Which professional (s) do you think might have been involved in follow up and why? Some of you have worked in hospitals or health care centers can you explain to your classmates and discuss how IPE works? Others can ask questions about this team work.

YouTube videos to watch
Watch Video
WHY Interprofessional Collaborative Practice?
Duration: 1:19
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What is interprofessional collaborative practice 1/7
Duration: 15:52
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Why Interprofessional Education Matters
Duration: 4:41
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