Quantitative Easing in Theory and Practice

You are an economist working for an investment management organisation, and have been tasked to produce a report, of a professional standard, of between 1,500 and 2,000 words, excluding references, using the title “Quantitative Easing in Theory and Practice”.Your report should consist of a brief executive summary, for senior management, as well as a logically structured, well researched and informative, professionally presented main body, followed by a very brief summary or conclusion.While the contents of the report are left to your judgement, it is suggested that an effective report should cover most if not all of the following areas.The nature and purpose of quantitative easing (QE).The reasons for the introduction of a QE policy in Australia on 18th March 2020.The implications of QE for the cash rate; yields on federal treasury bonds; yields on bonds issued by state and territory governments and corporates; the stock market; and the economy.The main similarities and differences between QE in Australia and in at least one other country.