Quantitive reasoning

MTH105 QUANTITATIVE REASONINGProject Number 1Tailgate MissionYou and your closest 9 friends decide to tailgate before attending the EGCC Gator Baseball game. You each give $5.00 for food and beverages. You are in charge of shopping at your local supermarket. Based on your budget, decide what are your best options are for purchasing hamburgers and/or hot dogs, beverages, condiments, and snacks. You need to justify (unit analysis) why you made the decisions you did. Space is given below each item to show the unit anlaysis.You must complete the unit price for the entire worksheet regardless of whether or not you use that item in your tailgate. Must show calculations/formula for credit. Any answer given with no calculations shown will result in no credit for that answer.This is an exercise that tests your skills in conversions, planning, and general math skills.You MUST spend no less than $45 and no more than $50 with a mixed variety of items in different categories. You can look up conversions on the internet they are readily availableAssumptions:• All paper products, utensils, and ice are provided by someone else in the group.• You must stay within budget and cannot get money from any other source.• All hamburgers must weigh approximately 1/4 of a pound precooked.• HINT: Use unit conversions to compare what item is a “better deal”.BeveragesCoke Products (Coke, diet Coke, Barq’s, Sprite, Fanta, Nestea, Minute Maid)Ex.. I will do the first one for you1 liter = 33.814 ozSo the 2 liter bottle contains 67.628 ozSince you get 2 for $3.00 each bottle is $1.50If you take $1.5 / 67.628 oz that equals $.0222 per oz.. always round to the nearest cent (2 decimal places) you get $.02 per oz or 2 cents per ozDescriptionQuantityVolume/containerCostUnit Price ($per oz)2 liter bottles12L2/$3.00$.02/0z12 pack of cans1212 oz.3/$9.006 pack of bottles624 oz.3/$8.00Show calculations herePepsi Products (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper)DescriptionQuantityVolume/containerCostUnit Price ($per oz)2 liter bottles12 L2/$3.0012 pack of cans1212 oz.3/12.00Show calculations hereBottle WaterI will do the first water conversion for you too…Since there are 8 bottles at 16.9 oz per bottle, the entire 8 pack case is 135.2 oz. The cost of the case is $3.69 so you divide that by 135.2 you get $.02729.. round to 2 decimal places you get $.03 per oz or 3 cents per ozDescriptionQuantity/caseVolume/bottleCost/caseUnit Price ($per oz)8 pack Dansani816.9 oz.$3.69$.03/oz12 pack Ice Mountain128 oz.$2.9924 pack of Nestle248 oz.$2.996 pack of Aquafina624 oz.$3.7924 pack of store brand2416.9 oz.$2.49Show calculations herePower DrinksDescriptionQuantityVolumeCostUnit Price ($per oz)Gatorade132 oz.$.69Monster116 oz.4/$5.00Powerade132 oz.$.79Show calculations hereEntréeHot DogsNote: quantity per pack does not factor in your unit price per oz calculationDescriptionQuantity/pack.Weight/pack.Cost/pack.Unit Price ($Per oz)Oscar Meyer101 lb.$1.99Kahn’s Bun Size816 oz.$2.49Hebrew National712 oz.$3.99Oscar Meyer81 lb.$3.39John Morrell1016 oz.$1.69Show calculations hereHamburgersDescriptionWeight/pack.Cost/packNotesUnit Price ($per lb)Ground Sirloin1 lb.$5.694 premade ground angus patties1.5 lbs.$5.49Tube of ground chuck3 lbs.$10.4780% lean/20% fatTube of ground beef5 lbs.$13.9573%lean/27% fatGround turkey1 lb.$4.19Show calculations hereHot Dog BunsDescriptionQuantity/packageCost/packageUnit Price ($per bun)Pack of 88$1.00Pack of 1212$2.69Show calculations hereHamburger BunsDescriptionQuantity/packageCost/packageUnit Price ($per bun)Pack of 88$1.00Pack of 8 Sesame Seed8$1.50Pack of 1212$1.99Show calculations hereCondimentsMustardDescriptionWeight/containerCost/containerUnit Price ($per oz)French’s8 oz.$1.47Hellmann’s9.5 oz.$2.59Store brand8 oz.$.79Show calculations hereKetsupDescriptionWeight/containerCost/containerUnit Price ($per oz)Hunt’s24 oz.$1.00Heinz20 oz.$2.19Store brand24 oz.$1.00Show calculations hereMayonnaiseDescriptionWeight/containerCost/containerUnit Price ($per oz)Hellmann’s16.5 oz.$2.99Miracle Whip12 oz.$3.59Store brand12 oz.$1.99Show calculations hereAmerican CheeseNote.. the quantity / pack does not factor in your unit price per oz calculationDescriptionQuantity/packWeight/packCost/packUnit Price ($per oz)Kraft24 slices16 oz.$4.49Velveeta24 slices12 oz.$5.69Store brand16 slices12 oz.$2.69Show calculations hereSnacks & DessertsDescriptionWeight/packCost/packUnit Price ($per oz)Bakery Cookies18 oz$3.99Oreo Double Stuff15 oz.$2.99Chips Ahoy13 oz.$2.49Lays Chips10 oz.$2.99Grippos8 oz.$2.79Husman’s10 oz.$4.29Ruffles8.5 oz.$2.99Doritos11 oz.$3.29Store brand pretzels15 oz.3/$5.00Show calculations here******************************************************************************Project Questions1.What beverages would you purchase and in what quantities?2.How did you arrive at that decision? Explain your reasoning.3.How much would you spend on beverages? _____________________________4.How many hot dogs and/or hamburgers, including buns, would you purchase? Pleaselist those along with their quantities.5.How did you arrive at that decision? Explain your reasoning.6.How much did you spend on hot dogs, hamburgers, and buns? ____________________7.What condiments would you purchase? Please list those along with their quantities.8.How did you arrive at that decision? Explain your reasoning9.How much did you spend on condiments? ______________________________10.What snacks would you purchase? Please list those along with their quantities.11.How did you arrive at that decision? Explain your reasoning.12.How much did you spend on snacks? _________________________________13.How much did you spend total? _____________________________________