Quoting correctly my essay

You will only be proofreading and quoting the paper correctly.Also Add Quotation marks to all quotes. read the paper and the sources
There are sections in the paper that come from outside sources that aren’t documented correctly.For example, this sentence: “Standardized testing requirements are designed to hold teachers, students, and schools accountable for academic achievement and to incentivize improvement” comes from the source https://soeonline.american.edu/blog/effects-of-standardized-testing and this first sentence: “The use of standardized testing to measure academic achievement in US schools has fueled debate for nearly two decades.” Is very close the first sentence here: https://soeonline.american.edu/blog/effects-of-standardized-testingThis sentence “According to research, the tests have become one of the most effective racist weapons that objectively degrade the minds of minority students and ultimately exclude them from prestigious school” was cited, but you didn’t include any quotation marks to indicate the the language comes directly from the source.Lastly, you include citations in the paper, but you don’t have any direct quotations. Please include quotation marks around any direct wording from the source. For example, you cite this sentence as coming from Mendoza: While some argue that the standardized tests can compel superior standards in education and ensure more thorough,targeted teaching for learners hence equipping them with the necessary skills, others argue that since their beginning a century ago, the standardized exams have been tools of racism and a biased system. Which part of Mendoza’s article includes that idea/sentence: Mendoza article.