Read classmates’ posts and write a response to two classmates

Read your classmates’ posts and write a response to two classmates. Give honest, constructive, respectful feedback.Case Study in Critical ThinkingProfessor Rogers’ TrialProfessor Rogers thought her Speech 101 students would enjoy role-playing a real court trial as their last speech for the semester. She also hoped the experience would teach them to work well in teams, a skill much sought after by employers. So, she divided her students into groups of six—a team of three defense attorneys and a team of three prosecuting attorneys—and provided each group with court transcripts of a real murder case. Using evidence from the trial, each team would present closing arguments for the case, after which a jury of classmates would render a verdict. Each team was allowed a maximum of 24 minutes to present its case, and all three team members would receive the same grade.After class, Anthony told his teammates, Sylvia and Donald, “We’ll meet tomorrow at 4:00 in the library and plan a defense for this guy.” Sylvia felt angry about Anthony’s bossy tone, but she just nodded. Donald said, “Whatever,” put headphones on, and strolled away singing louder than he probably realized.“Look,” Anthony said to Sylvia at 4:15 the next day, “we’re not waiting for Donald any more. Here’s what we’ll do. You go first and take about 10 minutes to prove that our defendant had no motive. I’ll take the rest of the time to show how it could have been the victim’s brother who shot him. I want an A out of this.”Sylvia was furious. “You can’t just decide to leave Donald out. Plus, what about the defendant’s fingerprints on the murder weapon! We have to dispute that evidence or we’ll never win. I’ll do that. And I’ll go last so I can wrap up all the loose ends. I want to win this trial.”The defense team met twice more before the trial. Donald came to only one of the meetings and spent the entire time texting his girlfriend. He said he wasn’t sure what he was going to say, but he’d have it figured out by the day of the trial. Anthony and Sylvia argued about which evidence was most important and who would speak last. At one point, another student threatened to call security when Sylvia lost her temper and started shouting at Anthony that no one had elected him the leader. Sylvia glared at the complaining student and then at Anthony, and without another word, stomped out of the library.The day before the trial, Anthony went to Professor Rogers. “It’s not fair that my grade depends on my teammates. Donald couldn’t care less what happens, and Sylvia is always looking for a fight. I’ll present alone, but not with them.”“If you were an actual lawyer,” Professor Rogers replied, “do you think you could go to the judge and complain that you aren’t getting along with your partners? You’ll have to figure out how to work as a team. The trial goes on as scheduled, and all three of you will get the same grade.”On the day of the trial, the three student prosecutors presented one seamless and persuasive closing argument. Then Anthony leapt up, saying, “I’ll go first for my team.” He spoke for 21 minutes, talking as fast as he could to present the entire case, including an explanation of how the defendant’s fingerprints had gotten on the murder weapon. Sylvia, greatly flustered, followed with a 7-minute presentation in which she also explained how the defendant’s fingerprints had gotten on the murder weapon. At that point, Professor Rogers announced that the defense was already 4 minutes over their time limit. Donald promised to be brief. He assured the jury that the defendant was innocent and then read three unconnected passages from the transcript as “proof.” His presentation took 75 seconds. The jury of fellow students deliberated for 5 minutes and unanimously found the defendant guilty. Professor Rogers gave all members of the defense team a D for their speeches.Listed below are the characters in this story. Think about who you would rate as most responsible for the group’s grade of “D.” Be prepared to explain your choice in this week’s discussion forum.Professor RogersAnthonySylviaDonald
Student 1The person most responsible for the group’s grade D is Sylvia. Anthony was aware of the work before them as a group, and that is why he took it upon himself as a leader to notify his team members that they should meet the following day at 4:00 to plan for the guy’s defense. That does not mean that he had already elected himself the leader, but what he did was show commitment, and in that meeting, all of them could have discussed the way forward the part each team member has to play to make the teamwork successful. Sylvia felt angry and thought that Anthony was bossy on them, but that was not the case. When they met, they waited for Donald for 15 minutes, and when Anthony suggested that they go on without him, she felt that he should not decide for Donald. Sylvia should have taken the responsibility of a first follower to show that Anthony was right on track, and then together as a team; they could have come up with a better plan. She took every chance to criticize Anthony and did nothing to contribute to the group’s success. Since Anthony has taken the lead, Sylvia should have taken the responsibility of the first follower to show Donald that the leader was doing alright and they were on the right track and make their team successful. In the video about leadership from a dancing guy, the leader looked like a lone nut, but when the first follower joined in and showed the rest that the leader had a good dream, the rest followed one by one until those who were left alone looked odd ones out. If Sylvia supported the dream Anthony had, then Donald could have supported the team and would not have spent his time chatting with his girlfriend, and all those actions led to the failure of the whole group.I believe Sylvia was the most responsible, and if she were in my group, I would explain to her that in a group, someone has to take the lead and be the group leader and work together with the support of other group members to accomplish their goals. Sylvia was so focused on winning the trial that she should know that a team has to work together and not prove that one is better than the other as they are one group. In the video on motivation and team big bang, only one of the team members kept on answering questions without giving others an opportunity. In a team, each member has different capabilities, and they should be given a chance to exploit them for the benefit of the whole team.
Student 2In “Professor Rogers’ Trial”, the most responsible for the group’s grade was Anthony. He didn’t give the team a chance to work together as a team and that’s what angered Sylvia, and in turn, they had a difficult time working and communicating. Anthony also changed the entire plan last minute, causing Sylvia to repeat the same information twice and deliver her speech poorly. Changing the plan is the worst decision Anthony could have made, because it cost them the grade. Even if they didn’t win the trial, they could’ve at least gotten a passing grade. Sylvia wasn’t too much to blame, because she was as motivated to get a good grade as Anthony and participated, but the way she communicated with Anthony could have been better. Donald showed no effort and was really, well, dead-weight. Even though being careless is a bad quality as a group member, the other team members can talk to him and get him on the right track, or pick up the slack in the end- since it’s a collaboration. Professor Rogers’ had no fault in this, because his job was to give the assignment and judge the whole group fairly based on the quality of their delivery.If Anthony was in my group, I’d first try to be a good team player and include my ideas and participation in a polite manner. However, if he continues to show lack of effort that this is a team collaboration, I’d inform him that this is a team effort and a team consists of more than one person. I’d also tell him that our grade is on the line, not just his. I would hope that someone in the group would back me up. In one of the interdependence video, “Leadership from a Dancing Guy”, a movement was started with a single guy and was slowly followed by another, resulting in a mass of individuals joining in. The video proved that if just one person followed, everyone else would find it easier to follow too. And if more people joined together with the same message, the easier the message would get across the recipient. In “Professor Rogers’ Trial”, Sylvia did confront Anthony, but she was aggressive about it and Donald didn’t back her up, so the message didn’t get across.However if doubting the other team members to agree with you on the spot doesn’t work (Sylvia’s case), a good idea would also be to meet up with the other team member/s prior to meeting with Anthony. In “Teams/Groups (Big Bang Theory)”, Lennon meets up with Raj and Howard before giving Sheldon the bad news. I’d meet with the other team members about the issue and get everyone on the same page. And then we can all confront him together so our point can get across more effectively.