Read Part 4 of Book (You may need to purchase the digital download): Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and write discussion essay based on instructions and links below to resources

Book: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Read Part 4 of the book and Select one of the questions in the list below and write a discussion essay in response to the question. Use the literary analysis guide and how to write a book analysis articles as resources on how to write your essay.What issues of gender did the author Abraham Verghese discuss especially as it relates to women’s issues? What is the author’s philosophy on the issue of women and their health? Explain how this was expressed in the novel. Describe at least two issues of gender in your essay. Is the author’s philosophy on the subject similar to or different from yours? Write a reflection on the author’s philosophy on gender covering each of the questions above and how similar or different his philosphy is from your own.OrWhat do the characters Hema, Matron, Rosina, Sister Mary Joseph Praise, Genet, Tsige and the many women who come to Missing seeking medical treatment reveal about what life is like for women in Ethiopia? Write a reflection that describes their experience and includes at least two gender differences between the women depicted in the novel and your own community.The minimum number of words for this assignment is 500.Cite all information that is not your own in APA style.
Resources to review:How to write a book analysis paper. Mara Pesacreta, Demand Media (2010-2016). Analysis Guide. Goshen College. (n.d).