Real Estate Apprasial Project – Market Condition Report

2 page reportRESIDENTIAL DATA & CONSTRUCTION TYPEThis assignment encompasses what you’ve learned the past few weeks.For this project, review the PDF with images and data of a home and answer the questions below. (Link to PDF Actions) REPORT IS ATTACHED
1004MC: The 1004MC (Market Condition Report) is used to determine information throughout the report. Specifically the Neighborhood Section – One-Unit Housing Trends. Using the 1004MC image in the PDF, determine the following information and explain your findings for each:Property Values (Median Comparable Sales Prices): 1. Increasing 2. Stable 3. DecliningDemand and Supply (Total # of Comparable Sales): 1. Shortage 2. In Balance 3. Over SupplyMarketing Time (… Days on Market): 1. Under 3 months 2. 3-6 months 3. Over 6 monthsSKETCH: Using the Sketch Image, do the math to figure out the total Gross Living area of the First floor, in square footage and square yards.EXTERIOR DATA: Referencing the PDF – Exterior Data Images – Explain the Exterior Building Data you find in the images. (Disclosure: Disregard the blue boxes on the images, it’s to block the personal belongings of the homeowner.)ZONING: This does not require the PDF. Using Google Maps and the City of Ontario zoning map (found by google search), what is the Zoning (Specific Zoning Classification and Zoning Description) for 2535 S Valencia Ave, Ontario, CA?HIGHEST AND BEST USE: What is it’s Highest and Best Use of the property?Read the Appraisal Project Assignments instructions in the syllabus. These assignments must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded into Canvas. I will not accept any late assignments for any reason (including and not limited to sickness, emergencies, death in the family, and unforeseen circumstances). I will not accept hard copy or any other type of document outside of .doc or .docx and I will not accept personally emailed Appraisal Projects.