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This assessment will use reflection as a way of analysing the use of non-technical skills in a practice situation. This assessment also covers a critical reflection on your own role and performance and that of other team members, including how the team manages disagreement and values complementary roles.

You should consider a situation of challenge or conflict that involves interprofessional practice, that you have either witnessed or experienced during professional practice. Write a reflection of this experience, using the lens of non-technical skills we have reviewed. The reflective report should clearly use a relevant reflective framework to shape your report. Your response should demonstrate an in-depth reflection using the theories and concepts presented in the course. Your viewpoints and interpretations should be insightful and well supported.

Non-technical skils are: Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Situational awareness, Decision-making, Task management

1. Use the Gibb’s Reflective Cycle as a reflective framework for reflection.
2. Apply this to a challenging and conflicting situation from your professional practice experience.
3. Ensure you explicitly demonstrate the application of the framework in your work.
4. Minimum of 8-10 references
5. Line spacing of 1.5
6. Can go above 10% only of 1000 word count

Assessment Criteria:
1. Depth of reflection: Response demonstrates an in-depth reflection on, and personalisation of the theories and concepts presented in the course materials to date.
Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported.

2. Use of Gibb’s reflective framework: Provides a comprehensive and concise reflection with clear and explicit evidence of using a reflective framework

3. Literature to support reflection: Relevant, high quality literature utilised with detailed interpretation and analysis.

4. Organisation, Presentation and Referencing: Excellent standard of written communication.

The reflective report that you would be doing is when as a nursing student, I was doing my clinical placement in an emergency department of a hospital. One time I experieced seeing for the first time a CPR on a real patient. The emergency button was triggered and it was one of the beds in the aisle close to my left side, so when I heard the alarm sound, for a moment I did not know realise what it was for because it was my first time hearing it and experiencing it. Then I saw everyone just immediately running towards the bed wherethe patient was and started CPR. Apparently from what I heard, the patient took off his oxygen because hewanted to die and he told a nurse the other day that he was going to die. Everyone had their role in doing the CPR. I was watching it all happened but did not play role in it. The doctor who was in charged of the whole emergency situation asked the three of us students (three nursing students and one medical student) watching who wanted to assist with the compressions, but we all declined. After that I did reflect on and I wished I helped with the compressions but I missed that opportunity. But because it was my first time and I felt incompetent and a little bit scared. I also heard while the event was still going on, that someone said and told the doctor in charged that the they could not contact the next of kin of the patient, and that the patient is Not for Resus. The whole thing lasted for like around 21 minuted if I recall correctly. The next of kin (wife) was able to be contacted after the situation. It all happened quickly. Then everyone went away to what they needed to do. Two nurses stayed with the patient to clean him and change his clothes, I went thereto help but I got the feeling that they did not want me there and was told to leave. I also hear that the pastor was called in to come probably to support the family member. After the whole thing, they had a debrief meeting of everyone involved. I attended the debrief as well but only for bit because it was my last day there and I had to meet the educator and finalise my placement there.

I am allowing you to fill in any details as necesssary and originate and add to the story as appropriate. Please ask me anything.

Also I have attached an example of a reflective report, plaese have a look at it.
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