Reporting Project Progress & Transfer of Project Knowledge

There are three sections to this assignment:Presentation of Earned Value Calculations & ChartClick on the Earned Value CalculationsDownload Earned Value Calculations[XLS, file size 37 KB] form to download it. Using Microsoft Excel, complete this form based on the information provided in your initial M6D1 message and the feedback from your classmates and instructor. Prepare an earned value chart using your calculations. You may refer to Figure 8-5 Sample Earned Value Chart on page 308 of the textbook. This chart should be specific to your project and its current major milestone.Presentation of Project Performance ReportClick on the Project Performance ReportDownload Project Performance Report[DOC, file size 23 KB] form to download it. Complete this form based on the project performance information provided in your initial M6D1 message and the feedback from your classmates and instructor. The project performance report must have all the required details. The contents of the project performance report form should be sufficiently elaborate to demonstrate your understanding.Exploration of Knowledge Transfer Methods & ToolsOver its lifetime, organizations acquire information, knowledge and wisdom. Organizational (institutional) memory retains this for future employees to access and use. Knowledge transfer processes ensure appropriate collection, compilation, storage and access to organizational knowledge. Using your experience in organizations as well as through your research, identify and critically analyze five different knowledge transfer methods or tools. For example, wikis are a popular knowledge transfer tool used by many organizations. Classroom training and orientation programs are a couple of examples of organizational knowledge transfer methods. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each method or tool included in your analysis.Describe the knowledge transfer methods and tools you will utilize at the close of your project before the project team is disbanded, and explain the rationale behind your choices. Be sure to properly cite the sources of information used to inform your decision, providing at least one citation per source used that helped you arrive at a final decision.Length and Formatting RequirementsAdopt the following presentation style unless a template is provided for your work:Compose your work using Microsoft Word.Each section must be at least 300 words (about a page) long.Use 12-point Times New Roman font and double-spacing.Organize your writing in sections with section headings.Format section headings using Microsoft Word’s “Heading” functions.Support the write-up with at least five additional sources as references.Insert cover page and reference pages(s).Cite and list references in correct APA style.Check your work to correct any spelling or grammatical errors.