Research and Support Material Worksheet

1. For this assignment, you will identify different types of research and support material. After watching (Baby Cry Translator video),2. Then, fill out the worksheet I attached.
Here are the instructions for the worksheet:Please type in the speaker’s exact language when verbally citing the research they collected through various types of support material. In some cases, the speaker will paraphrase the research and then verbally cite it, and in other cases, the speaker will provide a direct quotation and then verbally cite it. NOTE: You are not paraphrasing what you wrote in the quotation box. Instead, in the paraphrasing boxes, you will provide examples of paraphrasing used by the speaker in the speech.You will need to fill in all of the boxes supplied in the worksheet.If an example from the speech is not provided, type the phrase “not applicable” in that box. At the end of the worksheet, it asks how many sources were cited during the speech; in that box, type in a number.I will also attach an example worksheet that has already been done for another video to help you.