research evaluation paper

you must write a 4 to 6 page research evaluation paper on one of the helping-skills approaches discussed in this course (Verbal Judo). Your grade will be determined by the clarity of your writing, the substance of your paper, and your ability to follow the instructions. These papers must be double spaced, 12 point font, and uploaded as a word document. Further, you must provide appropriate in-text citations according to APA style. In your papers, you must:Summarize the helping skills approach in your own words. (1/2 to 1 page)Discuss 3 outside sources on either the evidence or the need for the approach. You can focus on evidence that supports the approach, evidence that questions the approach, research that argues the approach is needed or research that questions the need. This section should read like a cohesive argument. Do not present 3 sources that have no relation to each other. Your sources should build on each other to support your argument. At least 2 of these sources MUST be academic peer-reviewed articles. (3-4 pages)Discuss these sources separately.Summarize their main conclusions/findings/arguments in your own words.Explain how your sources provide evidence for or against the approach or how it argues for or against the need for the approach.Provide a conclusion on the importance, need, or evidence of the approach. (1/2 to 1 page)