Research on an Organism

Research and read a few papers on organisms that interest you. Search a few in Wikipedia and find one for which the article is a stub or very short article. Stubs are the RULE rather than the exception, so if you steer clear of well-known organisms such as humans, African Lions, or housecats, it should be easy to find an article that needs your help. Research using the Science Citation Index, not Google or even Google Scholar (the point here is to bring less accessible information to the general public). Published books that are summaries of scientific conferences, and bound journals from decades before the internet, are also appropriate sources-many of this information is not available to the general public.
Carefully read the abstracts of the papers you read (try to find at least three) and find a single, well-supported conclusion or natural history fact, from the paper that belongs in the Wikipedia stub on the organism.
Write a one page essay, listing everything you know about your organism, from your research. Devote most of your writing to natural history, but in the conclusion, describe how you decided which scientific conclusion or natural history observation to add to Wikipedia. Reference this essay citing sources appropriately.
The basis of this grade will be 1) the quality of the research, 2) your insight into what should be made more accessible to the public, 3) ability to execute your plans.