Research Paper

Propose a change in your company’s policies and procedures. Be specific about which policy should be changed, how it should be changed, and how it can be implemented. You may include your company’s policy manual as one of your resources, but you must also have at least two other outside resources to support your proposal. 
**My company would like to update our equal opportunity and non-discrimination policy due to the fact that a non-binary member has joined our team. 


Your position must be supported by research that is formally and properly documented in APA style
You must include a reference page. See the rubric for additional formatting guidelines
The paper must have a specific recommendation which includes: who (the receiver/legislator), is to do what (address issue/introduce legislation), and when (at the next meeting/legislative session). Write the paper as if you are going to present it in person
The content of the assignment must be 4 to 6 pages, exclusive of a cover page, cover letter (if included), table of contents, executive summary or abstract, and references