Research Paper Identifying Appropriate Technology Use with Young Children

Assignment #2: Research Paper Identifying Appropriate Technology Use with Young ChildrenRationale: We are living in an increasingly technological world and it is important to have computer and other technology skills. However, not all forms of technology are appropriate for young children.Description: Write a research paper that identifies appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology with young children.Directions: Using the NAEYC position statement, “Technology and Young Children Ages 3 through 8” (, as a starting point, write a research paper that explores benefits and concerns.
Reflection questions:1. Discuss the skills young children gain from using technology prior to kindergarten entry2. Identify appropriate software/websites3. Identify inappropriate uses of technology4. Create appropriate rules for use of technology5. State at least five strategies for appropriately integrating technology into the learning experiences of young children, including ELL, and children with special needs (FEAP 3g)6. Summarize your position on the use of technology and your plans for appropriate classroom use7. The reflection should be written in an organized, logical, and understandable style with appropriate mechanics (grammar and syntax), and using APA style citing at least 5 current references (published within the last 5 years).