Research Project Design Assignment : How does social class affect students education?

In this assignment, you will identify and describe a research question/topic of sociological interest (i.e. why this topic is important); define all the sociological terms in the research question–dependent variable and independent and control variables as appropriate; identify one or more sociological theories or conceptual frameworks that inform this research; discuss the methodology you would use to collect data, including identification of data sources (if possible); develop an outline of a literature review; and develop an annotated bibliography (see Doc Sharing for an example) that includes a minimum of 10 scholarly sources (peer-reviewed journal articles, academic books, Internet resources [.gov, .org, or .edu source only; Wikipedia and similar sites will not be accepted], dissertations/master theses).
Use the outline below as subheadings for your paper:Research Question/TopicTerms and VariablesTheory/Conceptual FrameworkMethodologyLiterature Review OutlineAnnotated Bibliography
Qualitative Measure: Each source must be correctly referenced in APA style (there are several examples of the Annotated Bibliography and APA style references in Doc Sharing). Each summary of the major findings (approximately 2-3 sentences up to one paragraph) must be free from grammatical errors and show a clear relationship to the research question and/or the literature review outline.15 sources, including books, journal articles, and Internet sources*
Internet sources: A distinction will be made between types of Internet sources. Government sites (designated by the .gov extension), educational sites (designated by the .edu extension), and formal organizations (designated by the .org extension) tend to be more reliable and are more appropriate for sociological research.