Research Project – Topic and Design Choice

Research Project – Topic and Design Choice
you need to submit 2 things: (1) your topic choice, and (2) the project design you wish to use. Due Sunday. Submit in the Week 1 Research Project Topic Forum.
Your design choices can include:A policy brief used to inform Congress derived from your readings. You must include strengths and weaknesses of the policy you choose to examine, the benefits and any implementation strategies for changing the policy. Describe the steps you used for research. 2000 words. Microsoft Word.Select five books on your topic. Each book should be appropriate for a college library. A summary of each book should be listed after each book, explaining its content as well as the significance to the topic. 2000 words (400 words per book). Microsoft Word.Identify three experts on your topic. Write an essay that compares their qualifications and viewpoints. Explains how their views contribute to the field, and where additional knowledge is needed. 2000 words. Microsoft Word.Create a timeline using Word that describes a government policy, person, or era, and describe the significance of each point you have highlighted on the time line. 2000 words.Read five sources cited in a research journal article. Explain how each source is related to the article. Explain if the journal author properly reflected the content from the cited sources. Explain what additional information from the source you believe should have been included in the journal article that may have been omitted. 2000 words. Microsoft Word.Examine an event closely. Find newspaper articles written at the time of the event. Find out more about the people who were involved and why the event is significant to U.S. Histroy. 2000 words. Microsoft Word.
To ensure a good grade, please conform to the following requirements:Use scholarly sources from the Keiser University library at minimum. In other words, regardless of your project, you MUST use the KU databases (Proquest, InfoTrac, eLibrary, or EBSCO). You may also include sources from national or international newspapers, scholarly books, PBS or BBC documentaries, or government websites from the United States or a country relevant to your report. You MAY NOT use cable news websites, or any other websites without permission first.Use APA format. This means that you must include in-text citations after every sentence where you have paraphrased scholarly information. If you are using PowerPoint, you must include a small citation at the bottom of *each* slide. Because you need *every* sentence to be scholarly, you should, therefore have references for every part of your paper. It is understood that within a paragraph you may have some analysis of the information, but the information you are analyzing must be cited.
Please paraphrase by reading several paragraphs, setting the information aside, and then writing down the important parts that you remember. Cite that information. Return to the article and check for content to ensure that you have captured the main ideas from those paragraphs. Continue in this way until you have taken notes on each source. Incorporate those notes, with appropriate citations, into your project.
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