Research Proposal Topic: How Does Foster Care Affect a Child’s Mental Health?

The only part of this assignment that is due today is the introduction section. The rest of the sections just needs to be outlined on the paper. The research topic is How Does Foster Care Affect a Child’s Mental Health?
Research Proposal (50%)This collection of assignments (i.e., the research proposal section installments, the finalresearch proposal, and the research proposal presentation) fosters understanding of the basicinformation necessary for the consumption and utilization of research in generalist social workpractice and the process of research used in practice and program evaluation (e.g., the analysis,monitoring, and evaluation of interventions in a program). Students will submit installments ofthe research proposal throughout the semester (10%), and will produce a research proposal(30%) and a research proposal presentation (10%) by the end of the semester. The steps of theprocess will be detailed in my weekly video posts. The proposal will include the followingstructure:
I. IntroductionA. Description of the research problem/issue to be exploredB. Purpose of the proposed research study and its rationaleC. The context: Theoretical/historical perspectives of the research problem
II. Relevant Literature ReviewA. A review of relevant literature (may incorporate and use the articles reviewed for thepeer-reviewed journal article review assignments here)B. Statement of the research question and the hypothesis (if hypothesis is necessary)
III. MethodsA. DesignB. ProceduresC. Description of population to be studiedD. Sampling strategyE. Instrumentation
IV. Proposed Data Analysis (must include proposed method of analysis)
V. DiscussionC. Expected findingsB. How will this research contribute to existing knowledgeC. Limitations of the proposed methodology
VI. References