Rizal Restrictions

We all know that Jose Rizal is our National Hero because of the novels he hadwritten during the Spanish period, these courageous acts of rebellion against the colonizersand he has been the symbol of our country’s freedom. But at the last moment of his life, heretracted everything he had ever said and written because he declared himself as a Catholicand this has been the greatest controversy which is talked about Rizal, people are stilldebating nowadays because they want to know the truth regarding about this controversyand if Jose Rizal really retracted. Opinions regarding this issue would not be the samebecause some may agree, and some may not because of lack of evidences and differentstatements coming from people. But according to my research, there is no clear statementabout this issue, although there’s a lot of evidences presented like some documents thatwas purchased by the Philippine government from Spain. In the mid-1990s, the Cuerpo d