Roots of Prejudice and American Dialects

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review the following Required Resources:Chapters 3 and 4 of the textbookA Class Divided (Links to an external site.)How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk (Links to an external site.)Note: Should a pay requestor pop up indicating that you have exceeded your quota of article viewing, simply access the resource after switching your browser to InPrivate mode (IE browser), Private mode (Firefox browser), or Incognito mode (Chrome browser).Choose one of the following two options to address in this discussion. Be sure that your initial post meets the full length requirement of 300 words, and that you incorporate at least two of this week’s required resources in your post, one of which should be the textbook. Include citations and a full reference to your chosen sources. (See the Required Resources page for all references in APA format).Option 1: Watch the A Class Divided (Links to an external site.) documentary, thenExplain the exercise that Jane Elliot did with her students.Were you surprised at how quickly the children began to treat each other differently after they were told that children with a certain eye color were superior or inferior?How do you think prejudiced views develop and persist over time?Is there anything that could be done to eliminate prejudice?What role does education play in this?