Rule of Law and Ethics and International Marketing

1. Using theselected country, identify the current legal system (civil, common, religious,or mixed). Describe the influence that colonization had on the formation of thecurrent legal system.2. As anentrepreneur within the selected country, identify a socioeconomic problem inthat country and a product or service that addresses this problem.Analyze this product or service through the specific steps of a marketscreening.3. Describehow likely is it for an entrepreneur to enter the market considering thecurrent legal system. Justify your response.4. Evaluatetwo international market entry methods for the product or service in theselected country. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method?5. Takinginto consideration the cultural, societal, and religious values, provideexamples of effective and ineffective advertisement practices you wouldimplement to introduce the product or service into the selected country.Explain your reasoning.6. For theselected product or service, recommend at least two legal compliance approachesthat should be used by companies when conducting international business in theselected country (e.g., employment law, tax law, advertising law, corporatelaw).7. For theselected product or service, provide two key recommendations to considerregarding ethics and social responsibility in your selected country (e.g.,intellectual property, competition, corruption).