sample Budget and Transmittal Letter

Develop a sample proposed budget for an actual or hypothetical organization, department, program, or service. There are usually two general categories in a budget: revenue and expenses. Include line items in your budget that fall under the appropriate category. If you are proposing a budget for a unit that is not responsible for producing revenue, you will likely have only the expense category. Also, include a transmittal letter, addressed to me, that provides an overview of your proposed budget and rationale for your budget requests. Note that budgets are prepared for the future, so your proposed budget should be based on what you believe your financial needs will be for the next fiscal period.
You must use Excel for your sample budget and Word for your transmittal letter. Post your proposed budget and transmittal letter as Excel and Word attachments to Canvas by midnight on Tuesday, November 23. Your proposed budget and transmittal letter accounts for 15% of your final course grade.
A sample budget and transmittal letter are included in the Handouts/Supplementary Materials folder. Your letter should be about one page and no more than two pages.