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So I already wrote the paper but my teacher wants a complete revision of it. He wants it basically rewritten. I uploaded the file below
Please read carefully BEFORE uploading:Be sure your paper follows the proper APA format (Links to an external site.) or else it will not be accepted.This is the second of three major paper assignments in this course. In this paper (1500 words) you will submit a revised version of your first paper. Your revision paper is due during the next module and there will be no peer review.The revised paper will be graded on improvement in the effectiveness of the writing, demonstration of improved understanding of key course concepts, and extension of additional support with relevant detail. Be advised! This is a substantial revision of the first paper – not just a few lines changed here and there. You should be demonstrating your development with the application of sound reasoning and integration of new course concepts covered since the submission of the first paper.
Your revision must show changes using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature or else it will not be accepted. See –> this tutorial