Score of Hamilton

Task:Write a 3-4 page analytical argument in MLA format about the score of Hamilton. The minimum length of 3 pages means that you bleed into page 4.
Find and analyze a change/development in one of the following:
Relationships between characters
Relationship between character and America
A particular refrain
A repetition of instrumentation
Criteria for Success:Meet the requirements of the assignment:
Analysis (not summary) that meets the description above.Page count.MLA format.The first paragraph of the essay will be a personal narrative which transitions into a thesis statement.
A clear, concise thesis (referencing the songs and your idea, meaning identify the change or development). Your thesis will be the last sentence or last two sentences of your first paragraph—the first paragraph should not be longer than the first page of the essay.
You will need to use 3 or 4 (no more than 4) songs from the score of Hamilton. They cannot all come from the same act of the play. You need to utilize acts I and II in the essay.
Clear, concise topic sentences which mention song title(s), type(s) of evidence and your main idea (identify what the change/development represented in the song).
You will need to indicate the history through secondary source material. You will need one secondary source.
Your evidence supporting your argument will come in the form of descriptions of the music, the emotions of the characters, situations as well as quotations from the lyrics.
You will need to use descriptions of the music/type of music/tempo of music in order to prove your points.
You will need to cite lyrics from the songs as evidence as proof of your thesis.
You will need to discuss each quotation of lyric both before and after—you need to explain how the quotation proves your larger point. Since all quotations (or at least almost all) will be spoken, it does need to be clear who the speaker is.
***Tie any piece of evidence (lyric, description, historical info, etc) to the change you use in your thesis. Show how your smaller points prove your larger point.
Make certain that each body paragraph begins with a topic sentence—the topic sentence should be a mini-thesis statement for the paragraph and should clearly relate back to the main thesis in your first paragraph.