Before I started this course my first impression of my “self’ was really unsure and really just mediocre. I just went with the flow and really had a mindset of always having a good personality and seeing the best in myself. I honestly believe in order to know “self” you have to think. To understand your “self,” you must think. If you have no knowledge gained, you are unaware that you even exist. Descartes admits and explains that to be “self” aware, one needs to develop feelings, memories, and experiences. I believe that one’s “self” changes throughout time. Hume defined the term “self” as “awareness.” Many people change over the course of their lives. In my opinion, we all change because we all have changed in some way from when we were kids. Since reading the passages given my mindset on “self” has changed a ton. I think that “self” is your own thinking on your changes or phases through your life. Some people may not have changed since elementary school, while others may have, but based on my research, I believe change is the primary source of “self.”