Security Awareness Training

Something for your Cybersecurity Portfolio!: Security Awareness Training CampaignThe Transformational Security Awareness: What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, and Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviors book is your friend for this assignment.transformationalsecurityawarenessYou will have the entire term to work on your Security Awareness Training Campaign portfolio assignment. You need to design a campaign for Cybersecurity Awareness Month (takes place in October each year). You can read more about the event here: About Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October) ( goal is to create security awareness training content – posters, short movies, games, contests, infographics, interpretative dance, etc. – for Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Use what you’ve learned from Carpenter’s book to guide creation of the sort of engaging content that produces results.You will need security awareness training content for each week, so four sets of content.Along with your materials you need to have an at least 250-word document explaining your campaign – pretend this is to the person or persons who will be authorizing the funds and time spent.You may choose any organization (real or mythical) as the target for this project: small, medium, or large; commercial, government, or non-profit, etc.This is your chance to demonstrate your creativity and design skills as well as what you’ve learned about influencing human behavior. Develop your awareness campaign as if you were to actually deliver it to fellow employees and your bosses next October. You want it to authentically produce better and more secure behavior. In essense, you are social engineering your target, but for good, not bad.The draft is due by the end of Module 9. Peer review happens during Modules 10 and 11. The final version is due on the last day of the term.Make sure you save your assignment materials after you’ve turned them in because you need them for your Cybersecurity portfolio in CYBR 650.Resources (not intended to be exhaustive – you are graduate students – go hunt for things) to help with understanding Security Awareness Training:SANS
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