1000-2000 words in the BODY of the essay. This does not include the title, your name, or any footnote citations.
Style: This assignment should be written as a thesis and support essay. If you are using citations, please use Chicago Style footnotes. Be sure to include your name and a title. However, you do not need a whole title page.
Prompt: The purpose of this essay is to have you analyze your first essay by using one or (at most) two of the critical tools we have discussed since you wrote your essay. We have discussed (1) liberation theology, (2) feminist theology, (3) black liberation theology, (4) disability theology, (5) queer theology, and (6) dangerous memories.
Your essay must accomplish the following:1. Describe the language/themes from your first essay that you will be analyzing. Please use quotations and citations. (attached)2. Briefly describe the type of theological analysis that you are going to be using. Be sure to show your work by using citations from the text.3. Lastly, analyze the language of your first essay. Given the type of analysis you’ve chosen, what are the strengths and weaknesses of your first essay? Are there positions you would change? Are there new insights you would add?