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Reflective Essays (Appendix D)
At the beginning of the semester, students are instructed to read Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions, by Valeria Luiselli (2017). This essay will provide context for many assignments in this class. It is valuable in creating reflection #1 (Self-Awareness) and reflection #3 (Social Justice). Canvas modules (under writing resources) contains information about reflective writing and multiple writing resources. Examine the requirements in Appendix D Reflections rubric. The focus is on you as a professional nurse, as a person, and nursing practice. It is about nursing; be sure to articulate nursing in the reflection. Reflections are not research papers or journal entries. Reflections are mirrors of oneself. Evidence from peer-reviewed articles and other original sources are meant to support your reflection, not overwhelm the reflection. The four reflection topics are described below.

Reflective Essay #1 Self-Awareness
After engaging in several self-reflective activities (implicit bias test, political typology quiz, and ethics quiz), and reading the Luiselli book, the student will write a self-reflection. These preliminary activities will allow the student to understand their own bias affecting their current or future nursing practice. It is important to understand oneself to care effectively for populations that are different than their own ethnic, racial, and social background. This reflection will assist the student in understanding and articulating course concepts and threaded throughout the course. Some of these words/concepts are ideology, bias, diversity, equity, privilege, racism, and xenophobia. I like to think of reflective essays answering these questions: What did you learn? How does this tie in with what you already knew or experienced? How will you apply it to your practice in the future?

Upon taking the implicit bias test, the assessment was that somewhat tend to prefer/recognize people of European descent more rather than African-American descent. Something that was a big surprise to me since I always felt, and still strongly feel, like I treated everyone the same and with equal love.

After taking the Ethical quiz, I’m evenly split, 50/50, between Everyday Ethicist and Rationalizer.

Please have the cited sources be within the last 5 years and related to nursing.

Grading Rubric is attached.

Thank you so so much.