Self Interest or Community Interest?

Short Essay on Ethical Theories
Read the case study, then choose one of the four ethical theories below and explain how you would make a decision based on that ethic.Self Interest or Community Interest?A local PR person tells you something in an interview that she later asks you not to print because of her concern that her comments will result in her perhaps being fired from her job. Her company has been hiding the fact that 10 years ago they dumped a small amount of a toxic chemical near a local reservoir, on land that the company owns.There is no evidence that the chemical has leaked into the groundwater or the reservoir. She says she believes the company executive she works for when he tells her it’s being taken care of. She knows her comments were on the record, but she has since decided that they were ill-­advised and possibly inflammatory.This is the largest business in your mid-­sized community. It employs nearly five percent of the adult population, and has been a mainstay in the local economy for nearly 20 yearsShould you print her comments?SHORT ESSAY ASSIGNMENT:Choose one ethical approach below and explain what you would decide in following that ethics principle in this situation. Explain WHY you would print or not print her comments and HOW you would report the story in accordance to that ethical principle. (Write one paragraph 60-100 words.) 10 points.UtilitarianismEgoismCategorical ImperativeGolden MeanRESOURCE: You might find it helpful to review the code of ethics for journalists: (Links to an external site.)