Service Management Essay

As a service manager, in a perfect world, 100% of customers would proactively communicate with service firms when there were instances of failure or dissatisfaction. Once the service manager was aware of the customer dissatisfaction, the service manager would take steps to resolve the customer concerns, and the customer would be once again satisfied with the service experience. However, this is not what happens in the real world. Not all customers communicate when they are dissatisfied and not all service managers take steps to resolve customer concerns.Your paper should explore this services industry challenge by addressing the following questions:Do customers proactively communicate instances of service failure and dissatisfaction to their service provider? Note: You should address both why some customers DO proactively communicate instances of service failure AND why some customers DO NOT proactively communicate instances of service failure.ANDWhen a service failure occurs, what are the key steps a service manager should include in their service recovery?
The paper needs 5 sources, and at least 3 different types of sources (textbook, academic, media, industry, government)