Sex and the media

NOTE: THE PAPER WILL BE TURN INTO “TURN IT IN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Current Sex in the Media: Reaction PaperGeneral Description
Each day, Human Sexuality issues are discussed in broadcast and print media (television, radio,podcasts, newspapers, magazines, etc.). Students will submit a summary of a current (within the last 3 months) and newsworthy issue related to human sexuality and include the following:1. If the issue has great or little impact on college students2. Discuss your personal opinion about the issue3. Explain how the topic/issue relates to human sexuality by incorporating a briefdiscussion of at least two concepts that are discussed in the course textbook (i.e.,gender roles, love and communication, sexuality, etc.).Underline in your paper the two concepts that are discussed in the course textbookPlease provide a citation of your media article. Your citation/references should be on a separatepage, and in APA style. No other citations are required, however if you cite another source,please include it in your references.Length:Typed, 500 – 750 words (minimum and maximum, not including a reference list),The use of American Psychological Association (APA) Reference style (including the use of in-text citations and a reference list) is required.You do not need to include a title page or an abstract for this paper.
NOTE: You can find any link related to any type of sex topic online, the source has to be reliable and admissible!ex: sexual disease, gay intercourse,…….
Textbook: Human sexuality by William L Yarber (10th edition) —> you can search on Google