Should there be a ban on incandescent light bulbs for household lighting?

Pick from the issues listed below, or pick an issue of your choice:Should Canada use nuclear power generation?Should there be a ban on incandescent light bulbs for household lighting?Should the government support/encourage the use of electric cars?Should Ontario have and enforce winter tire laws?Should there be a ban on food irradiation?Should developers be allowed to build hydroelectric dams on Indigenous lands?Your analysis and opinion on the issue you choose needs to be presented in a way that allows for someone not taking this course to understand the material. You can choose to share this information using a method of your choice. Choose one that you are comfortable with. Consider the following ideas:Design an infographic (include pictures, statistics, quotations, etc.)Create a video (no more than five minutes in length)Record an audio file (no more than 5-10 minutes in length; similar to a podcast or radio show)Write a two-page reportour culminating task for this course consists of developing the mini analysis that you have been completing throughout the course. You have encountered many issues dealing with science, technology, society and the environment (STSE). You have read about these issues and researched them throughout the four (4) units of study. Many of them were summarized in the consolidation and connections sections of the learning activities. In some of the assessments, you received feedback on your written summaries, including your report detailing a case study of your choice.You will now consolidate what you have learned to complete a more detailed analysis. For an issue of your choice, you will create a piece of media that shares your opinion and would be appropriate to use as a learning activity for an audience such as the general public (adults and youth over 16 years of age).In today’s rapidly changing world, it is important to remain aware of the impacts science and technology have on our society and the environment. In Ontario, the curriculum expects students to relate science and technology to society and the environment (STSE).The analysis that you will complete is based on STSE issues.