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Social Security Act 1935
is my statue

On the opening date of this Assignment (Sep 13), you should have received an individual email containing your assignment to a specific employment law statute. If you have not seen this email, contact me at once. After receiving the email containing the individual assignment of a Statute, each student should look at the examples attached to this assignment for the Davis-Bacon Act and for the Railway Labor Act. Each of you is assigned one statute to summarize and submit for this Assignment. You are to compose a presentation about your assigned statute covering the items listed below.

First, the jurisdictional coverage of the statute (e.g., all employers, employers with at least 50 employees, any employer contracted to do work for a public entity, employers involved in interstate commerce, etc.)

Second, you are to set forth the substantive requirements of the statute. (E.g., employers subject to this statute are required to submit to the agency responsible for the statute weekly reports of all their hiring, including employee names, jobs hired for, wages paid, and supervisors to whom each employee is assigned.) Also include a link other students can use to seek further info about the statute,

Third, while some of these statutes are fairly simple, others are very complex. Your reports are not to be exhaustive, but only descriptive of the areas affected by the statute you are handling. For instance, if your statue deals with safety, you do not need to describe all the safety rules in effect, but only the fact that the statute deals with employee safety in whatever sector the statute governs.

Do not try to go beyond the above three factors. Your report in any event should NOT exceed one double-spaced typed page in a 12 point font size, approximately 300-350 words maximum. If you have questions about what to cover, feel free to ask me about that, but make your question specific. That is, do NOT say “what should I cover?” but rather ask “Should I limit my report to the main requirements of the statute, namely: (mention these main issues).

The grade for these summaries will be pass/fail. If I find your summary incomplete, I will return it to you with requested improvements. That will not affect your “pass” grade unless you fail to submit the requested revisions.

Please do not ask questions until after you have looked at the assignment instructions carefully, reviewed the samples provided, and found the statute to which you are assigned. NOTE THE SUBMISSION DATE: Saturday, September 17 at 11:55 PM. Do not miss the submission deadline. Anyone not submitting a statute summary by the due time and date will receive a grade of “Fail” for the assignment. You may submit only one document, in Word or plain text through the link in the Assignment. REMEMBER THE REPORT IS NOT TO EXCEED ONE PAGE IN FONT SIZE 12! (350 words at a MAXIMUM.)