Social Worker Doctorate Program

four to six pages and that you address all of the required questions, as listed below.What factors have contributed to your decision to pursue a doctoral degree in social work at Penn, and what do you expect to gain through advanced studies?Describe a challenging case or professional situation that you have encountered, where you were in the role of social work practitioner, supervisor, administrator or teacher. Discuss how you used a conceptual/theoretical framework and how you assessed and intervened in this situation.Discuss an issue that you wish to explore in-depth through your doctoral studies. Include in your discussion how your exploration of this issue may contribute to the social work knowledge base.


screening tools can be used to affirm your initial diagnosis that a
patient may meet the diagnostic criteria for a sleep disorder?

How, and in what ways, do one of the three definitions of Justice in Book One of The Republic, appear in Baldwin’s and Buckley’s arguments. Focus on one of the defintions and apply it to both sides of the Bladwin/Buckley debate.

antipsychotics are considered first-generation and why are they used less
often than second generation antipsychotics? Are second-generation
antipsychotics more effective?

In this chapter, you learned about Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory. Consider the many different behaviors that you engage in on a daily basis and identify one or two that you think you learned through modeling. In one to two paragraphs discuss these behaviors (only discuss positive behaviors!) and how they came to be modeled.

Cost-volume-profit [CVP] analysis is a widely-used, basic business model. Discuss the underlying assumptions made in the application of the model and whether or not these limit the usefulness of the model. Would you rely on the model?

How have the US`s immigration laws changed in the past few years/decades?

Choose a very specific brand, not an umbrella one. For instance, VW Beetle or Passat versus Volkswagen or Coke Zero versus Coca-Cola.

VRIO Framework analysis (Value (V), Rarity (R), Inimitability (I), and Organization (O))

Problem analysis diagram

First, select an article from mainstream media that discusses direct foreign investment opportunities in an emerging market. In your initial post, summarize the investment opportunity, analyze the trade policies of the emergent market, and identify further investment opportunities. Finally, discuss how the opportunity could be leveraged on Boeing Company.