Solo Performance Monologue Writing Assignment

Please write a 500 word essay of your own solo performance. It may be fictional, truthful or a combination of both. It should be based on your own personal experiences. These will be kept confidential, unless you would like to share yours and perform it for extra credit. This essay does not have to be perfect! It just has to be complete. Have fun with it! You may also search the internet for additional writing tips. Use the following prompts to help you.1. Think of compelling moments in your life that have affected you emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually. Make a list of them2. Identify important relationships in your life. Who do you love? Who do you hate? Who do you have a complex relationship with? Make a list of them3. Create a timeline, a plot, and tell your story based on the moments in your life and who you experienced them with.4. Fill in the details by describing your experiences and relationships.5. Use first person. By writing in first person, you’re committing to telling the story solely through what you know, think, feel and experience. Again, you can exaggerate and fictionalize if you choose.