specific environmental problem outline

You must include the following (in a single file):– a title for your paper that shows clearly the topic you are examining– a revised version of your abstract– a revised version of your references at the end of your outlineAfter your title, the outline should include the following elements:1. Your revised abstract as the opening paragraph (this is standing in for your introduction)2. A clear set of headings for 2 to 4 sections (showing how you will organize your paper), in addition to “introduction and conclusion”Think of each of these headings as sub-titles for each sub-section of your paper. Although it is ok to include “introduction” and “conclusion”, the most important thing is to think carefully about the substantive sections of your paper. Each heading should be a few words long, not just a single word or two3. Within each sub-heading, write about two or three sentences explaining what exactly it is that you will cover in this section, and how this sets up your argument. You can also include a sentence that indicates which references you expect to use in that section (you don’t need to write the full reference here, just cite it by the last name of the author and year of publication, e.g. Oliveira 2019).4. Make sure that at least one of these sections (usually the last one before the conclusion) is explicitly dedicated to your own argument of what a political ecology approach to this topic critiques, reveals, and/or recommends.