Standardized tests

Read the following Argumentative Writing prompt below. You are to form a FIVE paragraph essay using MLA format. Your essay should contain a thesis, THREE body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion. Your essay should also contain strong use of vocabulary words that we have covered this year along with transition words, and complex sentence structures. You must include TWO sources that support your argument.Tests, Tests, and More Tests:Standardized tests are used as a measuring tool for student performance. Your test scores decide, in part, whether you are admitted to certain colleges, whether you must take remedial courses, and whether you pass or fail a course. They are also used to measure readiness for certain careers, such as law, medicine, and teaching. Test scores impact the funding that public schools receive from the federal government, for example, Trezevant High School. Write an essay that evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of standardized tests. In your essay, decide if standardized tests are the proper measuring tools for student performance. If, in your opinion, they are not, describe alternatives that could be used to measure achievement.