stigma on mental health

Concept paper :The psychosocial concept topic paper is worth 35% of the final course grade. Students select one concept issue that persons living with chronic illness experience. Multicultural, psychosocial issues have a significant effect on living with illness, which changes their lives profoundly. Each student independently explores the impact of this concept on the person living with chronic illness. Concept topics may include any of the multicultural, psychosocial issues and topics discussed in this course or identified in the textbook. Examples of topics include stigma, social isolation, altered body image, powerlessness, non-compliance, uncertainty, loneliness, loss of intimacy, altered coping, altered sexuality, loss of spirituality, quality of life, cultural bias, etc. Students submit a topic proposal and initial reference list to faculty for topic approval during week three. A minimum of five (5) scholarly references is required (including the appropriate textbook chapter).
Students will discuss the psychosocial topic in relation to a specific illness but the focus is on the psychosocial topic not on the chronic illness. The chronic illness is just the setting for the discussion of the topic. The paper will focus on the person-centered experience. Examples include powerlessness in COPD, altered body image in ostomy patients, decreased adherence in diabetes, stigma in HIV, etc. One section of the student’s paper will discuss a formal nursing model of illness management and nursing interventions that could be used to diminish the effect of the psychosocial issue. Nursing models of illness management can be found in the textbook and on the course site. Students synthesize knowledge learned in this course and from previous university studies to analyze and discuss the psychosocial issue and its impact on living with chronic illness. This assignment helps students to accomplish course learning outcomes 1 – 6. The paper is written in APA format and due at the end of the course (see Class Schedule).