Strengthening Relationships

Relationship ReflectionStrengthening a RelationshipPART III Relationship ReflectionSPECS: 4-5 page reflection, typed, double-spaced, one-inch margins, uploaded to the dropbox
During your time in this class, you should have done something purposeful to strengthen the relationship you chose in Part I; you should have at least 4 substantive things to report, write about the following:
A one-paragraph summary of the relationship as a refresher for meThe things you did for the other person and how it worked, how the person reacted, and what you learned from the interactionBest part of the assignment for this relationshipDid you struggle with anything for this relationshipIdentify key moments for the relationship during the semester, including any turning points, if any (changes in the relationship)What did you learn from this assignment about relationships in general (i.e. what would you like to take from this assignment to apply to other current and future relationships)?