Stress in the Workplace

*This is a discussion post. Please respond in your own words. No plagiarism.*Please answer the following:What are frequent causes of stress and ways to effectively manage each cause?How can managers help alleviate workplace stress of their subordinates?What does your company do to allow everyone to de-stress, and what would you like to see implemented?
Please respond to my classmate:Good afternoon classmates and Dr. Val,There are many factors that can affect stress levels at work. Some of those are the pressure of what is going on at home and the challenge of trying to manage both roles. Work-life balance can cause distraction at work and again at home when trying to be both places at the same time. Other stresses at work are the challenges of meeting deadlines, interoffice dynamics, meeting goals, and making ethical decisions. Challenges can also come from working with others that we may have differences of opinions with, or feel they are not pulling their weight, but not being in a position to address it,
As a manager, there can be even more stress triggered by the pressure of trying to keep everything going. Managers can feel trapped in the middle themselves because they are trying to balance the needs of their employees with the expectations of their superiors. Managers can help alleviate the stress of their subordinates by knowing them on a personal basis and making meaningful relationships with them. The more they know the employees the better they will understand the needs of the individuals. Managers need to pay attention to the hours their staff is working, differences in behavior patterns, and foster an open relationship that allows for honest feedback from employees. When employees bring a concert to the manager, they also have a duty to respond to it no matter what the concern or how minuscule the manager thinks it is, in order to help the employee to feel heard and valued. Empathy is a valuable trait for managers (and staff) as well. Clear job expectations and regular feedback can also help alleviate stress caused by job ambiguity.Have a great week,R