Summarize the main arguments presented by Socrates in Plato’s Apology

Summarize the main arguments presented by Socrates inPlato’s Apology. An adequate summary of these arguments is not simplya list of the conclusions Socratesreaches. Instead, an adequate summary consists in a description ofthe reasons Socrates gives and a discussion of therationale he employs in support of his conclusions, in additionto a brief discussion of the conclusions and their meaning.In your essay be sure to answer the following questions: Whatis the main value Socrates espouses in the Apology? How doesSocrates defend himself against the crimes of which he is accused? What doesSocrates recommend in terms of a penalty for his crimes, and what reasons doeshe offer to prefer death rather than a life without philosophy?Lastly, reflect on the lessons of the Apology and applythem to your own life. Do you value self-knowledge? Do you think you can lead agood or fulfilling life without the kind of self-knowledge Socrates thought wasessential to a life worth living?