Supply and Demand

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You can choose a topic from this semester or something you come up with yourself, but your presentation must be about economics and be original (ie not just material verbatim that you have pulled from your text/readings or off the internet). Of course, you can still insert charts, graphs, videos, graphics, and excerpts from outside sources (as long as you cite those sources!) I want to see your commentary and analysis, in your own words. ( Power Point)
Although the format is a PowerPoint, I want to emphasize that this is NOT like your typical PowerPoint, which is basically an outline for a live presentation. Your project must be substantially loaded with content. You can do this either on the slides themselves, or you can add voice-over to simulate a live presentation.The first slide should be your Introduction slide, the next 10-15 slides should be informational slides, the last slide should be the reference slide. Make sure you read and understand the rubrics (guidelines for grading) attached to this assignment, which can be accessed by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of the assignment box.
Rubric: Final Project PresentationRubric: Final Project PresentationCriteria Ratings PtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntroductionIntroduces the subject of the presentation, indicating why it is important and previewing the key microeconomic points.5 to >3.0 ptsExcellent/GoodFulfills all/most criterion3 to >1.0 ptsSatisfactory/Needs ImprovementIntroduction included, but does not provide clear main points of the presentation.1 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryNo introduction included.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentSubstantial content included that has use of accurate economic concepts linking theory to the topic chosen and applying examples. Analyzes the topic from an economic standpoint.35 to >25.0 ptsExcellent/GoodFulfills all/most criterion25 to >15.0 ptsSatisfactory/Needs ImprovementMinimal content to summarize and explain the topic is included with moderate use of economic concepts and examples. Economic analysis is moderately adequate.15 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryContent for the presentation is ineffective or missing or fails to meet the requirements of economic concepts included. Topic is not analyzed from an economic standpoint.35 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeConclusionConclusion included linking the findings to the main questions addressed in the introduction.5 to >3.0 ptsExcellent/GoodFulfills all/most criterion3 to >1.0 ptsSatisfactory/Needs ImprovementConclusion included, but does not provide an adequate summary or is ineffective.1 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryNo conclusion included.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganizationThe presentation is well organized and develops a coherent point of view on the topic chosen. Presentation has been edited for flow of sentences, spelling and grammar with little to no errors.15 to >10.0 ptsExcellent/GoodFulfills all/most criterion10 to >4.0 ptsSatisfactory/Needs ImprovementPresentation needs some structural revision so that it flows in a unified, coherent manner. Presentation has not been edited adequately for flow of sentences, spelling and grammar errors.4 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryPresentation is organized such that the ideas are incoherent. Presentation fails to meet college-level grammar, spelling and format use.15 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences and CitationsExpert sources with a minimum of 3 sources included are utilized to establish the content of the paper with excellent use of in-text citations as needed for quotes, statistics or facts provided or information that is directly from the reference. Reference page is completed correctly according to APA standards.10 to >7.0 ptsExcellent/GoodFulfills all/most criterion7 to >3.0 ptsSatisfactory/Needs ImprovementLess than the minimum number of expert sources are utilized with poor use of in-text citations as needed for quotes, statistics or facts provided or information that is directly from the reference. Reference page is somewhat completed according to APA standards.3 to >0 ptsUnsatisfactoryNone to few sources utilized. Many in-text citations and/or Reference entries are missing or seriously deviate from citation guidelines.10 ptsTotal Points: 70PreviousNext


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