Sweden and EU

Seminar III is based on the textbook Sweden and the European Union – An Assessment of the Influence of EU-membership on Eleven Policy Areas in Sweden.You are required to read the textbook and individually and in writingdiscuss below question. Include detailed page references in each answerand do not forget to add your name. Guideline: Times New Roman,Size 12, single space, word-document. The course textbook is mandatoryto be used – no other sources are required.Basedon the assumption that Swedish politics is shaped in relation to themultilevel governance system within the EU, our focus in this assignmentis on the interaction between Swedish national policy-making and theEU. Swedish policy-making refers to the following eleven ‘policy areas’:economic, agricultural, environmental, social, education, genderequality, asylum and migration, crime prevention, foreign and security,neighborhood and development and aid. Each policy area has beenscrutinized over time, from the moment of entry into the EU of 1995until today.
Your task is to discusswhat the membership of the EU meant for Swedish politics since Swedenbecame a member in 1995? Has Swedish policy-making changed in terms of:a) organization (form) and b) content (substance) as a result ofEuropean integration and the EU membership. Discuss and present inwriting all 11 policy-areas / about 300 words/policy-area.