Switzerland’s healthcare (2010 vs 2021)

The Healing of America was written in 2010. Pick a country from the book and research ifanything has changed within their healthcare system. If so, what? How has this changeimpacted their healthcare system? How did COVID impact this country’s healthcare system?What protocols did this country have for treating their patients?2. Choose another country not mentioned in the book. Review and discuss their healthcaresystem. How did COVID impact this country’s healthcare system? What protocols did thiscountry have for treating their patients?3. After learning about the US Reimbursement model. What changes, if any, should be made to theUS healthcare system? What reimbursement protocols did the US have in place for COVID?What reimbursement protocols are in place now for COVID?4. Identify three characteristics of a healthcare model that you believe are critical for success.5. Your paper should be 6 pages in length. This includes a Title Page and Reference page. AnAn abstract is not required.6. APA 7 with references and in-text citation.